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Top property management companies in Dubai, UAE


Kata Hahn


3 March 2023


Find out how property management services can help you make the most of your real estate investment and which companies in Dubai you can trust.

Property management services in Dubai

Buying a property and renting it out can be a great long-term investment and give owners a steady stream of rental income. Dubai is an especially great location for investments, as tourists and expats continue to flood the city creating constant demand for short and long-term rental properties. However, managing a property comes with many different tasks that can be stressful, costly, and time consuming. If you’re not familiar with the rental market, the rental yield from your property could suffer significantly. By using a property management company, you can take advantage of a plethora of management services to ensure that you see a great return on your investment. 

There are plenty of companies in Dubai that offer management services for all types of properties, especially residential and commercial. A property management company works as an intermediary between an owner (landlord) and a tenant to make sure that the property investment is protected and profitable. Most companies offer packages at varying costs so that owners can be as hands-on or hands-off as they’d like. 

Commonly provided property management services include:
  • Property marketing and advertising
  • Finding and screening tenants 
  • Drafting tenancy contracts
  • Registering tenancy contracts
  • Collecting rent
  • Arranging for repairs, maintenance, or refurbishment 
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Cleaning services 
  • Paying utilities and other bills 
  • Staying on top of regulations and compliance 
  • Managing disputes and other issues that arise
  • Property handover and snagging - managing property handover from a developer and examining the property for defects 

Ultimately, property management companies take care of the day-to-day management and make owning a rental property hassle-free. It’s best practice to check a property management company’s trade license beforehand to make sure you are aware of which services they can legally provide.  
An image of a property manager juggling various tasks from maintenance to rent collection.

Costs of property management in Dubai

Since property management companies can provide such a wide range of customizable services, there’s no fixed rate that you’ll see across the board. The majority of companies in Dubai will charge a fee between 5% and 10% of the property’s rental income. Some may have additional costs that increase the overall rate. 

Depending on the type and number of property services you want, the price will vary. Many companies offer package deals that include their most popular services. In addition to the services, the type and size of the property will also influence the price as this affects the level of management that will be required. The duration of rentals could also affect the cost, since shorter-term rentals often need more frequent maintenance. 

It’s important to reach out to companies directly to request a quote for your specific situation and to ask if there are any other additional charges you should expect. 

Best property management companies in Dubai

Here are the top companies in Dubai that provide property management services, starting with the companies with the highest Google rating. Some companies focus solely on property management while others are real estate agencies that also offer a wider range of services. 

Haus & Haus Real Estate

Haus & Haus logo

Haus & Haus was formed in 2013 and has become a well-known real estate agency in Dubai. They offer managment services for apartments, villas, and entire buildings. 

Their services include property marketing, tenant search and screening, tenancy contracts, Ejari registration, utility connection, rent collection, and also, at a higher price, snag reports, maintenance, repairs, inspections, and legal guidance. They have a Basic package for 5% of the annual rent (minimum AED 5,000) and a Premier package for 8% of the annual rent (minimum AED 8,000). 

Haus & Haus Property Management LLC is registered with the DLD under license number 776542. Haus & Haus Group has a 4.6 Google rating and a 5.0 Google rating for their holiday rental branch. 

The Property

The Property logo

The Property is a real estate investment consultancy that was founded in 2019. They have experience helping investors manage residential, commercial, and retail property in Dubai. 

The Property offers services for property handover, marketing, tenant search, tenant management and support, snagging, inspections, and payment management. Landlords are provided with an initial market area report and price analysis, and can stay up-to-date with an online application that shows charges, maintenance requests, and other updates. The Property offers separate packages for residential, commercial, luxury properties, and snagging, starting as low as AED 250 per month.

They have a 4.8 Google rating. 

Manage My Property (MMP)

MMP logo

Manage My Property was established in 2007 with a focus on all aspects of managing residential and commercial property in Dubai. 

Manage My Property can provide support with property purchase, property sale, property management, full portfolio management, off-plan property acquisition, conveyancing, and mortgages. Their management services include marketing, listing, tenant screening, inspections, rent optimization, and more. Manage My Property specifically provides detailed inspection reports over each tenancy. They have an additional tenancy contract addendum to provide landlords with greater security and help keep maintenance costs low. Manage My Property provides quotes upon request for snagging, handover, management, and maintenance services. 

They have a 4.7 Google rating. 


Provident logo

Provident was initially formed as a real estate company in 2008. In addition to their real estate agent and broker services, they also now offer management services for commercial and residential properties in Dubai.   

They provide snagging services, facilities management, interior designing, building management, home renovation, letting, property photography, fund collection/transfer, property inspections, and more. They have different packages available for residential, commercial, building management, and facility management. Provident’s team speaks over 25 different languages. In general, their Full Property Management package is 8% of the annual rental income and their less comprehensive package (that excludes inspection and maintenance) is 5% of the rental income. 

Provident Real Estate Broker is a licensed management company with the DLD under license number 615478. They have a 4.7 Google rating. 

Deluxe Holiday Homes

Deluxe Holiday Homes logo

Deluxe Holiday Homes was founded in 2015 and is licensed with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). They specialize in managing vacation rentals and short-term leases in Dubai; however, they can also offer full services for long-term rentals. They will only manage holiday homes, that is, residential properties in mainland or free zone areas that are furnished and rented out to guests. 

They manage vacation rentals and Airbnbs while allowing flexibility for owner stays. Deluxe Holiday Homes can help prepare and rent your property with services including listing, marketing, interior design, professional photography, housekeeping, bookings, maintenance, and pricing optimization. Landlords are still responsible for furnishing the properties and paying homeownership service charges and utilities. Their pricing depends on the length of the contract and other property details. 

They have a 4.6 Google rating.

Driven Properties

Driven Properties logo

Driven Properties
was established in 2012 and offers property brokerage, investment, and consultancy services. They are a popular real estate agency in Dubai. Driven Properties manages residential properties and entire buildings (which they refer to as Mall management). 

Their services include property listings, tenant screening, security deposits, rent, repairs, resolving disputes, and more.  For entire buildings, they manage services and utilities, common area maintenance, and overall operations. 

Driven Properties LLC is licensed by the DLD. Their license number is 677961 and they have a 4.5 Google rating.


BSO logo

was founded in 2012 and is solely focused on managing commercial and residential real estate in Dubai. They have a straightforward online channel where landlords can view all important documents and track management progress. 

BSO helps customers with property management, lease management, tenant search and screening, property handover, maintenance, and repairs, as well as rental disputes and tenant eviction if necessary.  BSO offers a comprehensive monthly subscription. Their customers receive an average return on investment (ROI) of 7%. 

BSO Real Estate Management is licensed with the DLD. Their license number is 747193. They have a 4.5 Google rating.

KAIZEN Asset Management Services


is a property management company formed in 2006. They manage residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. 

Their services include property management, owner association management, community management, lease management, handover services, and investment advisory services. KAIZEN can take care of maintenance, organizing service providers, finding tenants, paperwork, compliance, financial advising, and community enrichment. They are also focused on sustainability and can help launch targeted sustainability initiatives. 

KAIZEN Property Services is licensed with the DLD under license number 579913. They have a 4.4 Google rating. 


Betterhomes logo

manages a large number of residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the UAE, in addition to being one of the top real estate agencies. The company was started in 1986 and began offering property management services in 1992. 

Their services include property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, inspection, dispute resolution, documentation, and more. They have a Landlord Portal that gives you easy access to updates, financial reports, and more. Properties managed by Betterhomes, on average, get a 6.14% higher rental yield than those that aren’t professionally managed. They have 3 main packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Depending on the chosen package and property specifics, their services range from 5-10% of the total lease value. 

Better Homes (LLC) is registered with the DLD under license number 223306. They have a 4.0 Google rating. 

KeyOne Properties

KeyOne Properties logo

KeyOne Properties
is a real estate agency that was founded in 2006. They provide comprehensive solutions for property transactions, property and facility management, holiday home rentals, and interior design. 

KeyOne will manage residential and commercial units, as well as full buildings. They help investors with property pricing, marketing, tenant screening, tenancy contracts, disputes, financial reporting, rent collection, and inspections/repairs. In addition, they can individually provide property handover and snagging services, casual advertising, and inspection services. 

They have a 4.0 Google rating. 

To sum up

You now have a list of reliable property management companies to choose from that offer their services in Dubai. By taking into account your management needs and budget, you can decide on the best option for your investment property. 

Other property management companies in Dubai include: 

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