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Property valuation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Tijana Kirkov


20 December 2022


Property valuation is a crucial part of the property buying, selling, mortgaging (loans), refinancing, renting and insuring process in the UAE. All of these transactions require property valuations before the transaction can be fully and properly completed.

What are the important things to know about property valuation? Throughout this article, we provide all the essential information you need to understand
property valuation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and its relevance in real estate transactions.

What is property valuation and why you need it?

A property valuation is an accurate estimate of the worth of a property made by trained specialists (valuers) based on inspection and analyzing features and factors such as size, location, condition, etc. in the form of a detailed report outlining the market value

Property valuation is necessary if you plan to:
  • provide property as collateral for a loan
  • resolve the issue of contested property values
  • conclude a purchase and sale transaction (sellers, buyers and developers)
  • settle disputes or
  • examine the investment at various stages of the project.

Which factors influence property value?

There are many internal and external factors that can influence the value of a property, but location, size and usable space, age and condition, local market and economic condition and supply and demand seem to be the most prevalent ones.

Location is extremely important in determining property price and value. A property that is close to landmarks, the city center, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, recreation areas, and public transportation will sell or rent at a higher price, whereas a property located far from these facilities will result in a lower price.

Size and usable space 

In addition to its size, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and the general floor plan of the property all affect its value. Naturally, a larger property will cost more than a smaller one.

Age and condition 

The age of the property also plays an important role in determining its value, since newer properties don't require major renovations or repairs, so buyers are more likely to purchase them. When it comes to condition, a well-maintained older house will have a greater value than a newer one that needs extensive renovations.

Local market and economy 

In addition to being one of the hottest real estate markets in the region, Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s economies are strong and stable, which makes UAE properties very desirable and therefore of high value. 

Supply and demand

Property prices and value will rise if demand exceeds supply but will fall if supply exceeds demand. 

What does a property valuation report include?

Generally, valuation reports contain the following information:
  • Introduction and valuation instruction
  • Client and intended users
  • Valuation purpose
  • Basis of valuation
  • Surveyors and valuers
  • Status and date of valuation
  • Extent of investigation
  • Property owner and Title Deed Information
  • Location of the Property
  • Description of the Property
  • Condition of property
  • Market Value
  • Appendixes
  • Local market description
  • Property documents
  • Property photographs

    Who does property valuation in the UAE?

    Relevant government organizations and professional valuers in licenced valuation companies conduct property valuations in an independent, objective and transparent manner.

    There are two ways you can get a property valuation, one via the official website of Dubai Land Department for Dubai/Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) for Abu Dhabi or by using professional valuation services directly.

    How to get a property valuation in the UAE?

    Dubai - DLD
    DLD headquarters building in Dubai, UAE.

    You can get a property valuation in Dubai and obtain a real estate valuation certificate via the service center or via Dubai REST. You can pay by cash, debit or credit card and ePay, and you’d usually have to wait from 1 to 8 working days. 

    Via the DLD, using the real estate valuation form, you can request valuation for:
    • vacant residential, commercial and industrial lands
    • residential units
    • residential villas
    • agricultural lands with an existing building
    • commercial or industrial buildings
    • villa complexes
    • labor camps on a single land
    • vacant lands for a major real estate project of for one of its phases
    • hotel buildings with the land they exist on
    The documents you need:
    • A real estate valuation request form
    • A letter from the owner and a copy of their valid passport/ Emirates ID Card
    • A copy of the municipality map (one year) or the planning map
    Additional documents required by type of property to be valuated:
    Category Documents
    Vacant Land for a major real estate project or one of its stages
    • A No Objection letter from the main developer/bank
    • A Sale/Purchase contract
    To valuate a building (one residential villa with the land on which it is built):
    • A built-up construction area
    • A detailed statement showing the number of villas/units
    • A detailed expenses statement for the past three years
    • Ejari contracts for each unit type
    To valuate a hotel building with the land on which it is built:
    • A built-up construction area
    • The value of room rentals and the number of facilities, halls, and restaurants at the premises
    • A detailed statement showing all expenses and net profits over the past three years from a certified accounts office
    • A Hotel Management Contract
    • A tax letter from Dubai Municipality
    The fees are:
    Residential Vacant Land valuation
    Category Documents
    Valuating the land for the purpose of owning the grant (commercial/industrial)
    • AED 2,000
    • AED 10 knowledge Fee
    • AED 10 innovation Fee
    • In case of applying at the Real Estate Services Trustees Centers
    • A Service partners fees of 180 AED + VAT on Service Partners fees
    Valuating the land for a major real estate project or one of its stages:
    • AED 10,000
    • AED 10 knowledge Fee
    • AED 10 innovation Fee
    • In case of applying at the Real Estate Services Trustees Centers
    • A Service partners fees of 430 AED + VAT on Service Partners fees
    Building Valuation (a residential villa with the land on which it is built)
    Category Documents
    Request for the valuation of a residential apartment
    • AED 4,000
    • AED 10 knowledge Fee
    • AED 10 innovation Fee
    • In case of applying at the Real Estate Services Trustees Centersr
    • A Service partners fees of 230 AED + VAT on Service Partners fees
    Valuation of a hotel building with its land
    • AED 15,000
    • AED 10 knowledge Fee
    • AED 10 innovation Fee
    • In case of applying at the Real Estate Services Trustees Centers
    • A Service partners fees of 530 AED + VAT on Service Partners fees
    As for Abu Dhabi, in order to determine the approximate value of a land or property, you can request a certificate through this service (usually lasting 3 working days). An appraisal can be used to show restrictions, such as a registered mortgage or investment, to determine the approximate value of a property or land, or to identify the method by which the property or land was acquired. Your representative can also request this on your behalf if they have a power of attorney.
    The process goes like this:
    • Apply for the service through the available channels
    • Fill in the fields and submit the request
    • Upload the required documents (optional)
    • Pay the applicable fees
    • Print the payment receipt and the certificate
    Required documents:
    • Certificate of proof of income - Building income statement - copy
    • Clear photos from all the sides of the building - copy
    • Land plan - copy
    • Other documents - any supporting documents - copy
    • Agricultural - AED 2700
    • Commercial - AED 4500
    • Investment - AED 2700
    • Residential - AED 2700
    • Other - AED 900
    There’s also Dari, Abu Dhabi’s trusted digital ecosystem for real estate backed by the Department of Municipalities and Transport - DMT (website, for android users Dari; for iOS) which provides a one-stop solution for all real estate requirements in Abu Dhabi. Among other things, you can use the app to request a property valuation and a valuation certificate (Services-Certificates section).
    Screenshot of Dari App by Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi.

    The other way to do a property valuation is to contact a valuation company directly and request their professional valuation services. It’s important to note that you should look for companies licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency or other relevant authorities in the industry.

    List of valuation companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    To help you out with choosing good companies in Dubai, here’s a DLD service that allows you to search for Approved Valuation Companies in Dubai. As for Abu Dhabi, you can find licensed valuators in the Services-Directory section on Dari.
    Valuation companies in Dubai - Table 1/2
    Company name License Number RERA Registration Number Email Phone
    3 D Appraisal International Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 764006 17054 +971 4 884 7412
    A A Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 802893 20919 +971 04 243 8777
    A T F Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 907132 24833 +971 50 810 8334
    Alaqqad Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 878768 24391 +971 55 770 6700
    Albawsala Real Estate Valuation Services 800565 20762 +971 4 244 8348
    Aneet Real Estate Valuation Services 886796 23838 +971 4 326 3946
    Appraisal Hub Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 799122 20668 +971 55 666 5338
    Asteco Real Estate Valuation Services (br of Asteco Property Management L.L.C) 772539 17448 +971 60 054 7773
    B A C S Real Estate Valuation Services 637033 17219 +971 50 749 3326
    C B R E Dubai L.L.C 583633 1032 +971 4 437 7200
    C N C Property Valuation Services L.L.C 655576 16970 +971 4 250 0331
    Cavendish Maxwell Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 614583 17429 +971 4 453 9525
    Chadils Valuation and Advisory Services 747655 17220 / +971(0) 4 297 6300
    Chesterton International Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 672644 17251 +971 4 381 0200
    Continental Real Estate Valuation L.L.C 568656 18439 / +971 4 330 9090
    Core Real Estate Valuation L.L.C 788845 19776 +971 4 245 2100
    Credence and Co. For Real Estate Valuation Services Est. 1012105 28629 +971 (58) 985 5344
    Deft Valuation Services L.L.C 1050937 29880 +971 56 469 6000
    Dubai Islamic Bank (Public Joint Stock Company) 208098 17154 / +971 04 295 3000
    Hamptons International Dubai (L.L.C) (branch) 755690 17083 +971 4 366 1662
    Hometree Real Estate Valuation Services 1010453 28646 / +971 0 48 828 7272
    Valuation companies in Dubai - Table 2/2
    Company name License Number RERA Registration Number Email Phone
    JLL Valuation L.L.C 769614 18731 / +971 4 426 6999
    Knight Frank Valuation Services L.L.C 769269 18366 / +971 (0) 4451 2000
    Land Sterling Property Consultants L.L.C 629393 16967 +971 4 380 8707
    Mena Real Estate Solutions LLC - Dubai Branch 751623 20966 / +971 4 453 7400
    MPM Properties L.L.C Dubai Branch 657812 5237 +971 (2) 6100 252
    National Investor Property Management L.L.C - Dubai Branch 581627 17291 +971 2 619 2300
    Pioneers Surveyors and Loss Adjusters 128342 28384 +971 (0)4 297 4404
    Rbsa Valuation Advisors L.L.C 728479 17442 +971 52 617 3699
    Realpoint Real Estate Consultancy L.L.C 621704 16966 +971 4 331 1110
    Reliant Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 778055 18709 +971 52 902 2965
    Savills Real Estate L.L.C 106589 422 / +971 4365 7700
    Signature Reality Homes Real Estate L.L.C 895079 24292 +971 56 548 7960
    Sinchro Imovalue International Real Estate Valuation 821374 22064 +971 04 244 5612
    SZZ Properties L.L.C 617344 2040 +971 55 966 9977
    Taqyeem For Real Estate Valuation Services 960767 26987 +971 56 899 0500
    Thirty Four Real Estate Valuation 765079 20698 +971 52 190 1127
    Vakson Real Estate L.L.C 221775 10623 +971 4 303 9222
    Valustrat Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 784666 19374 +971 55 341 3000
    Windmills Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C 774101 17481 +971 52 589 1366
    Valuation companies in Abu Dhabi
    Company name License Number Registration Number Email Phone
    3 D Appraisal International Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.C - Branch of Abu Dhabi 1 CN-4591684 202202337609 +971 52 2222 401
    Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services LLC CN-1011662 202202730627 +971 2 697 3777
    Al Manara Alsatiaa Real Estate Management L.L.C CN-2406432 202202661094 +971 050 681 0334
    Alaqqad Real Estate Valuation Services L.L.Cs - Branch Of Abu Dhabi 3 CN-3729767 202202437065 +971 55 770 6700
    Capstone Real Estate L.L.C CN-3029379 202202810904 +971 2 445 2122
    Cavendish Maxwell Real Estate L.L.C CN-2080468 202200850471 +971 2 448 4677
    Cbre Emirates L.L.C CN-1073679 202202272092 +971 2 619 7800
    Chesterton International L.L.C CN-1151342 202201486690 +971 2 447 3100
    First Abu Dhabi Properties - Sole Proprietorship L.L.C CN-1179217 202203122668 / +971 2635 4444
    Jones Lang Lasalle UAE Limited - Abu Dhabi CN-1011526 202200774959 / +971 2 443 7772
    Knight Frank UAE Limited - Abu Dhabi CN-1189910 202200709560 / +971 (0) 4451 2000
    Land Sterling Properties - Branch Of Abu Dhabi 1 CN-2976299 202201261914 / +971 2 410 3560
    MPM Properties L.L.C CN-1154203 202202204818 +971 (2) 610 0252
    Mena Real Estate Solutions L.L.C CN-1714165 202202233323 / +971 2 619 2370
    Property Shop Investmemt L.L.C CN-1100434 202102069248 / +971 2 205 2888
    RBSA Advisors L.L.C CN-4351424 202202699731 +971 52 617 3699
    Seniors Group CN-1079936 202203038615 +971 50 220 6220
    Sustainble Homes Real Estate CN-2544693 202200379046 +971 2 666 6030

    Moving forward

    In light of this information, you now have a better understanding of what a property valuation is and why it is important when buying or selling a home in the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 
    Skyscrapers in Dubai against a dark blue sky and waters.

    If you're looking for a property in Dubai and need some assistance finding one that suits your needs, we can help. Our platform has a wide range of apartments available in Dubai that are developed by some of the city's best real estate developers.

    We can also help with mortgage financing. Feel free to use our mortgage calculator to calculate monthly payments with all other additional costs and details. 

    In case of any further assistance, you're welcome to contact our Dubai experts. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can. 
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