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Property conveyancing in Dubai


Tijana Kirkov


30 December 2022


The process of buying or selling a property in Dubai involves many steps, one of which is also conveyancing. The conveyancing process must be done quickly, efficiently, and with experience and expertise, which is why understanding the concept is critical. It will make your property buying or selling experience so much easier and more pleasant if you are familiar with the conveyancing process and a few conveyancing companies in Dubai that specialize in this area.

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What is conveyancing?

The process of conveyancing is the legal transfer of property between owners. If you're buying a property, the previous owner signs it over to you, and you become the new owner, or if you're selling it, you sign it over to someone else. 

Normally, this process is divided into two stages – one is the exchange of contracts, which sets out the terms of the deal, and the other is the completion, which transfers the legal title. In Dubai, property transfers can take between three and ten weeks to complete, depending on a number of factors and usually costs AED 6,000 to AED 10,000

What is the scope of conveyancers' work?

There are a few things involved in conveyancing: 
  • Document preparation, clarification, and review - including contracts of sale and purchase (SPA) or memoranda of understanding (MOU) and powers of attorney (POA)
  • Investigatation of the property and its certificate of title, and any other relevant information
  • Calculaton of fees and taxes associated with property purchase
  • Liaison with the bank or financial institution, if the property is purchased through a mortgage, and with the developer (obtaining an NOC)  
  • Representation of your interests to government institutions, buyers, sellers, and their agents through the use of a Power of Attorney
  • Support and advice during the entire process, including ensuring secure and accurate property transfer, answering any questions and handling concerns 

Conveyancing companies in Dubai

The following companies are solely involved in conveyancing in Dubai:
Company Email Phone
Compton Conveyancing +971 4 454 9734
Conveyancing Specialists +971 4 401 8587
Clarity +971 4 408 1818
Domain Conveyancing +971 4 329 4937; +971 52 787 4259
MAK Property Conveyancers +971 4 269 9444

How we can help

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